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3-Quelle The Prophet x Royal Feb-3.jpg
6-Quelle The Prophet x Royal Feb-7.jpg

Old Stomping ground dojo. Charleston Pour House has been a constant friend to me and I always love rocking here!


This was my first time in Indianapolis... the fighting style culture in this dojo was exciting! I decided to bring the belt along with me since this was a new environment.


Charleston pour house pt.2 

This was the night of my very own dojo night! They gave me the main room in the dojo as well as the deck room.


The intimacy of this dojo was unmatched. The students piled in, and Southern Shaolin was given under the moon. 

11-Quelle The Prophet x Royal Feb-13.jpg

The Music Farm

Currently the biggest dojo I have taught Southern Shaolin. However, the demonstration was well received by the pupils.


Charleston Pour House pt. 3

At this point, I had become a usual suspect to the Deck Stage at Charleston Pour House. However, this night is different! I was able to run my set while Noa and Oleg (pianist and drummer from the Charleston band Little Bird) played accompaniment alongside Slim S.O.U.L

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